Descamps Avocat

When developing a Lawyer’s website, it is challenging to combine the demands of the activity in itself, the needs of the public that visits such a website and the wish to do something that escapes a typical and perhaps boring presence, while still retaining all the values needed in a modern website.

Such was the mission when developing the website of Maître Marion Descamps, a Lawyer specialised in Labor and Social law based in Metz. Being a new generation lawyer, it was imperative to showcase an attitude that fits this very fact, as well as keeping in line with the formality of the lawyer’s mission.

The choice was to implement a one-page scroll website, with visually distinct sections that can clearly aid the user distinguish them, with visual aids to navigation such as dynamic responsive menus or the use of HTML5’s PushState technique to integrate navigation history. It was also important to preserve SEO to the maximum, treating each section as a separate page, even if this behavior is invisible to the final user.

Timeframe videos were integrated via another HTML5 feature, the use of the <video> tag, and CSS3 3d elements and animations were integrated in the competences section of the website in order to provide a dynamic reminder of the Lawyer’s tools in each competences set.

A mobile version was also developed through the implementation of @media queries; this implementation, while providing a quasi-native experience, uses the same mark-up for content, relying solely on Javascript and CSS techniques.

And finally, the website relies in WordPress as backend and content management solution for easy and comfortable editing of content.

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