IOSCO 2013

Project developed under collaboration with VOUS S.A.

IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commission) 2013 is an event taking place in Luxembourg, that succeeds to Beijing as the organizing city to this international conference gathering international finance agents from around the world.

The 2013 edition’s website was developed with the goal of promoting participation and sponsoring to the event, announcing the conference’s programme, while at the same time seducing participants about the country and city of Luxembourg: its landmarks, lifestyle, history and facts.

Development-wise, IOSCO 2013’s website is based on a WordPress installation, and a custom theme was especially developed, in order to stay in line with the events’ visual identity. A connexion with the event’s registration system was also put in place to assure a quick and easy inscription via the website, as well as the possibility to subscribe to the events’ news. A strong visual component is present throughout the website, via a strong presence of photographic content.

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