About me

Hey everyone! My name is, you guessed it, Simão. I am a web designer and developer currently living in Metz, a nice city in northeastern France.

How can I help you?

Well, let’s see. Do you need to develop an online presence? A full website, you say, or an e-shop? Or maybe rebrand your corporate identity? Want to also incorporate social media elements into all of this? Say, this could be the beginning of a wonderful partnership!

See, I am specialized in frontend development and User Experience and Interaction design. But that’s not all. I can also do backend development, search engine optimization, server and domaine configuration, website design, WordPress development… And, of course, let’s not forget about mobile web apps design and development!

Sounds promising? Drop me a line!

Am I really the designer / developer you’re looking for?

Sure I am! I’ve worked in collaboration with big names before, both in Luxembourg (coordinating the development team of VOUS agency) and in Portugal (working for the Communication services of Universidade de Aveiro, one of the country’s top universities).

I’ve worked for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, BNP Paribas, Sapo, Vivium, LuxTrust or the Portuguese Ministry of Justice.

Not impressed yet?

Well, let’s get specific then. Want a developer specialized in HTML+CSS+Javascript development? Want user-friendly and pixel-perfect web design? Want an easy to use, search-engine-friendly website? Want someone at ease with PHP and MySQL? How about someone with extended WordPress experience?

Get in touch!

Well… you know the drill :) And, if you need more info, head over to my LinkedIn profile! Or just use the following form. I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP! I’m fluent in english, french, portuguese and spanish, so I’m sure we’ll get along!

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